Life, art, and nature on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Each time I think it's safe to pack away the winter clothes and bring out the flip-flops, Mother Nature knocks us back. While it looks like this...
It feels like this...
We don't see a lot of mid-April ice here on the shore. Wearing gloves and insulated coveralls was hard to take this morning, after a weekend of shorts and sandals .Out in the barn, Abby was shivering from the cold, having shed most of her winter coat already, so I had to pull one of her blankets out and plug the the "cat-toaster" back in for the kitties.
Inside, I am trying to clean up my workroom, but I keep getting distracted by fabric scraps and making Easter Bunnies instead. Big ones...
And little ones...
This one started as a cocktail napkin. Making bunnies is keeping me distracted from the chocolate/peanut butter Easter eggs that I've stashed for the weekend. Bought them last Saturday at the Amish Market and so far I've resisted, even though I can hear them whispering to me when I pass the fridge. 
Stay strong. And warm. XO

Friday, April 11, 2014


Although this week began with some wheel-spinning, and a loss of creative mojo, and a bit of unfocused dithering around, things are looking up.
It finally, truly, looks like spring...
It even feels like spring, now and again, which has brought Miss Mathilda out from under the "cat toaster" in the tack room, and outdoors to glare at the birds.
Yesterday, was delightful. My aunt and cousin came for a visit, and a Girls' Day Out at Blackwater. We're all budding photographers, so auntie brought some appropriate boardwalk bling...
And some goodies like this worn, but oh so lovely old quilt from her sewing room de-stash, which just happens to coordinate perfectly with the watercolor I painted earlier in the week. 
Now my stitch-y wheels are turning and I envision a fabric version. Mojo unblocked!
A camera day in Blackwater is something we've planned for a long time. We were lucky to have a gorgeous day and very obliging wildlife.
I'd never caught more than a fleeting glimpse of a muskrat before, but we were able to get quite close to a pair who rolled around in the shallow water, and nibbled on green twigs, seeming not to mind us at all.
We watched an eagle catch a fish so large that he could barely carry it, and this osprey sitting in a tree with his lunch.

A late lunch at Stoked and some shopping at Sunnyside, and A Few of My Favorite Things, and it was time to go home, to take care of my critters and dash off to photography class. 
A lovely long spring day.
Have a dandy weekend, blog friends! XO.

Friday, April 4, 2014


I don't like to let a whole week slip by without checking in, but sometimes real life stomps its foot and demands all my attention. 
I do have new work to show you. I've been editing some photographs from a visit to Old Trinity Church. Started with this so-so window shot.
 Printed it on linen and did what I do, with old fabrics, papers, and hand and machine stitching. The hinges on the window are used horseshoe nails, courtesy of Abby.

I have two more works-in-progress. I was longing for spring color, and started this, which is actually an unusual  gravestone at Old Trinity. The shape really appealed to me. I'll show you the original when it's finished.
An abandoned and boarded up house became this, and though I've barely started, I was intrigued by the look of it after I backed out some of the detail, and can't wait to see where it takes me.

Have a great weekend, and if you ever have a chance to see The Psychedelic Furs, you should definitely go for it, even if your sinuses are throbbing and you really just want to tuck your pony in and go to bed with your Kindle. They gave a concert at The Avalon Theatre on Monday night. The joint was jumping! There was wine.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


It is officially spring, so I should not still  be wearing these...
On the up side, I did get to test drive these...
My cherry red, and super soft, alpaca fingerless gloves from the the Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm Shop.
Also cheering me today, my polka dot teapot with tulips...
The arrival of a new art book, which was free, because Amazon settled a lawsuit giving all their book customers a credit. Found money! Always a good thing. I ordered Drawing For Mixed-Media Artists by Carla Sonheim. Can't wait to dive in.
And last but not least, there is this...
I am packed and ready to go. My camera and I are going back to school. Starting a photography class this evening. Wish us luck.
Got to run. Going to spend the afternoon with Michael McGrath, tweaking the photos I took of his beautiful design project on the Tred-Avon.
Hope you're finding something to be cheerful about, even if you had to buy your tulips, and you're still wearing insulated coveralls to go out to your barn. 
Later gators! XO.

Monday, March 24, 2014


It was a great weekend, blog friends! Our daughter and a dear friend from Colorado were home, and they are as critter-crazed as I am, so it was the perfect time to visit Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm in Preston, MD. Owners, Phil and Vickie Liske gave us a tour and introduced us to their award winning alpacas.  We learned so much in the couple of hours we were there. Phil and Vickie clearly love what they do.                                                                         Fell in love with these gentle creatures, took tons of pics, asked a lot of questions, took up way too much of their time, and then shopped in their farm store. 
The Outstanding Dreams Farm Store is definitely worth the drive out to Preston. They sell alpaca yarns and roving, scarves, gloves, socks, gorgeous jackets and sweaters, and lots of other goodies, all made from alpaca fleece. 
While we learned that alpacas are generally not friendly in the way that dogs are, there were a couple of exceptions. Take a look.
Owner, Phil Liske.
Patriot (left) and Dudley Do-Right (right)

Alpaca stink-eye.

Now you're in love with them too, right?
To learn more about raising alpacas or arrange a tour, visit the Outstanding Dreams website here.  Find them on Facebook here.
We still had time for a sunset visit to my beloved Blackwater, where this guy sized me up as if I might be dinner.
Now I have to run. I can see Abby tearing around her pasture like the devil himself is after her. I should go and rescue her from whatever windblown leaf is terrorizing her. To be fair, she was spooked by a pair of does jumping into her pasture yesterday. She doesn't believe me when I tell her deer don't eat horses.
Have a great week, blog friends! XO